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Shafer Bros. offers a wide range of products available today to help make completing your job easier and more efficient. Our standard septic tanks are available for your commercial or residential needs. Shafer also offers customized tanks for those special jobs that require one.

We take pleasure in quoting and selling the following items for your projects:

  • Precast Septic Tanks and Supplies
  • PVC Pipes
  • PVC Fittings
  • Filters
  • Drain Fields – Belled Tri-Wall Pipe
  • Alarms
  • Additional items needed for a complete installation.

Call 517-629-4800 Ext: 2 for availability of additional items. We look forward to the opportunity to quote your project.


Shafer Companies

Shafer Bros look forward to delivering a quality product and service in a timely manner this season. Notably, we have updated equipment and experienced drivers to do so. Our knuckle boom truck can set your tank in one piece, tank is pre-butyled in our production facility. This allows time to be saved on the job and safety in the hole by eliminating the need to butyl on site.

Shafer Bros delivers to Lower Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. We can drop tank, parts, and pieces on your job for your convenience or lack of accessibility. All sales orders are subject to fuel surcharge or delivery charge.

If you would like pricing on basic needs or for any additional specialty items for your projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 517-629-4800 Ext 2.


Shafer Companies

We offer standard septic tanks for your commercial or residential needs, as well as customized tanks for those special jobs that require one.

Shafer Bros manufactures 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3500, & 5000 gallon septic tanks:

Call us with any questions or special requests you may have at 517-629-4800 Ext: 2


Shafer Companies
500 Gal. Pump Tank5′ x 8′29″26″42″
500 Gal.5′ x 8′29″26″42″
500 Gal. Pump Package5′ x 8′29″26″42″
750 Drywells4′ x 8′27″27″42″
1000 Gal.5′ x 8′57″54″68″
1000 Gal. Pump5′ x 8′56″21″68″
1000 Gal. Lo Pro12′ x 7’1″26″23″42″
1500 Gal.10’6″ x 5’8″57″54″68″
1500 Gal. Pump10’6″ x 5’8″57″54″68″
1500 Gal. Single Compartment10’6″ x 5’8″57″54″68″
2000 Gal.12′ x 7′1″54″52″68″
3500 Gal.12′ x 7’1″90″88″104″
5000 Gal.12′ x 7’1″126″124″140″

*All measurements are measured from the bottom of the tank to the bottom of the hole


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