Trench Drain / ACO Drain


  • Polyethylene Channel and Grate, Residential, Non-Sloping Drain (1-Meter Channel)


  • Polymer Concrete, Residential, Non-Sloping Drain (1-Meter Channel)


  • S Polymer Concrete, Commercial, Pre-Sloped Drain (1-Meter Channel)

Grates, Fittings, and Installation Accessories available

E-Z Drain – Steel Trench Drains

  • 6” E-Z Drain
  • 6” End Plate
  • 6” End Plate W/Hole

(Comes Complete w/Steel Bottom in 6” Widths Only)
Available in 4, 5, and 6 ft lengths

NDS Trench Drain Products

  • Speed-E-Channel (with grates)
  • Distribution Boxes
  • Grates for Distribution Boxes