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Meeting Your Needs For Concrete Tools and Chemicals

Shafer Brothers have a comprehensive supply of concrete tools, supplies and chemicals to suit any construction project. From precast septic tanks to decorative concrete stamps and high quality used equipment, we have the products you need to make your job easier.

Concrete Rental Equipment

Not every job requires the same tools and equipment. For that reason, we offer a wide range of rental equipment. These include:

  • Power trowels – used to smooth, level and polish concrete surfaces for a quality finish, also called a power float.
  • Extend-a-chute – a convenient attachment for construction equipment that allows for the controlled release of materials over a longer distance, enhancing efficiency and precision.
  • Pumps – essential tools for transferring fluids, such as water or concrete, ensuring efficient and reliable flow in construction projects.
  • Compactors – heavy-duty machines designed to compress and flatten various materials to create a solid and stable surface, ideal for road construction and landscaping
  • Saws – versatile cutting tools used to precisely cut through different materials, including wood, metal, and concrete, enabling accurate shaping and sizing.
  • Bull Floats – large, flat tools equipped with handles, used to smooth and level freshly poured concrete, providing a smooth and even surface.
  • Riding trowels – powerful machines used to finish large concrete areas quickly and efficiently, achieving a smooth and polished surface.
  • Core machines – specialized equipment employed to drill precise holes or extract cylindrical samples from materials such as concrete or soil, essential for various construction and geological applications.
  • Vibra-strikes – handheld vibrating tools that are used to consolidate freshly poured concrete, helping to remove air pockets and improve the overall strength and durability of the concrete.
  • Hammer Drills – versatile power tools combining drilling and hammering actions, ideal for drilling through hard surfaces like concrete and masonry, allowing for efficient installation and construction tasks.
  • And much more – a wide range of additional construction equipment and tools that cater to various needs for successful construction projects.

For a complete listing please contact our supplies office at 517-629-4800 Ext. 2.